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Electronic Detector Group @BNL

This page gathers the various news and articles related to EDG members and experiments.

News and Articles

Year Description Who Links
2021.10 MicroBooNE’s Wire-Cell team MicroBooNE BNL
2021.10 MicroBooNE first LEE results MicroBooNE BNL
2021.06 MicroBooNE generic neutrino detection with Wire-Cell MicroBooNE BNL
2021.04 Fermilab muon g-2 first results Muon g-2 BNL
2020.12 Daya Bay end of operation Daya Bay BNL
2020.12 ProtoDUNE first results DUNE BNL
2020.08 Daya Bay and MINOS+ updated sterile neutrino results Daya Bay BNL
2020.06 SuperKEKB achieves record luminosity Belle II BNL
2020.04 DUNE cold electronics DUNE BNL
2020.04 Belle II first results Belle II BNL
2019.09 LLNL S&T Award 2019 PROSPECT BNL
2019.05 Belle II’s BNL team Belle II BNL
2018.09 ProtoDUNE first events DUNE BNL
2018.08 ProtoDUNE cold electronic delivered DUNE BNL
2018.07 MicroBooNE signal processing with Wire-Cell MicroBooNE BNL
2018.05 PROSPECT completed installation PROSPECT BNL
2017.08 BNL S&T Award 2017 Milind Diwan BNL
2017.08 MicroBooNE achieved low noise MicroBooNE BNL, DOE
2017.08 DOE Early Career Award 2017 Chao Zhang BNL
2017.07 LBNF ground breaking DUNE BNL
2017.06 EPS Young Experimental Physicist Prize 2017 Xin Qian BNL
2017.04 Daya Bay fuel evolution analysis Daya Bay BNL
2016.12 Daya Bay precision reactor spectrum Daya Bay BNL
2016.10 Daya Bay and MINOS+ combined sterile neutrino analysis Daya Bay BNL
2015.12 BNL Top-10 Scientific Advances of 2015 Daya Bay BNL
2015.11 MicroBooNE’s BNL team MicroBooNE BNL
2015.11 Breakthrough Prize 2016 Daya Bay Award, BNL
2015.10 BNL link to Nobel Prize 2015 BNL BNL
2015.09 Daya Bay precision oscillation results Daya Bay BNL
2014.12 APS fellow 2014 Mary Bishai BNL
2014.10 Daya Bay first sterile neutrino results Daya Bay BNL
2014.05 DOE Early Career Award 2014 Xin Qian BNL
2014.03 Brookhaven Town Woman of the Year 2014 Mary Bishai BNL
2014.01 BNL Top-10 breakthroughs of 2013 Daya Bay BNL
2013.11 APS fellow 2013 David Jaffe BNL
2013.08 Daya Bay spectral analysis Daya Bay BNL
2013.07 BNL S&T Award 2013 David Jaffe BNL
2013.05 DOE Secretary’s Achievement Award 2013 Daya Bay DOE, BNL
2012.12 LBNE CD1 approved LBNE BNL
2012.12 Science Magazine Top 10 Breakthrough of 2012 Daya Bay Science
2012.06 MINOS updated oscillation results MINOS BNL
2012.03 Daya Bay first results Daya Bay BNL
2011.11 Daya Bay’s BNL team Daya Bay BNL1, BNL2, BNL3
2011.08 Daya Bay start taking data Daya Bay BNL
2010.12 W.K.H. Panofsky Prize 2011 Laurence Littenberg BNL
2008.08 E949 three more events E949 BNL
2007.10 Daya Bay ground breaking Daya Bay BNL
2004.03 E949 first events E949 BNL
2002.01 E787 second event E787 BNL
1997.09 E787 first event E787 BNL