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Experiment Safety Reviews - All work at the Laboratory must be reviewed before it can begin. In the Physics Department, this is accomplished primarily through ESRs. The ESR describes the objectives of the experiment or project and presents a safety analysis of the means to accomplish that work, thereby defining a safety envelope within which the work can be safely completed. The intent is that the scope of an ESR will be broad enough that researchers have the necessary flexibility to meet their objectives. Physics has appointed Achim Franz as its Experiment Review Coordinator (ERC).

The ESR Form - ESRs are completed, submitted, and managed through a web-based system. This system aids in supplying information, consistency, completeness, and follows the principles of Integrated Safety Management (ISM). Although the form seems long, most ESRs need only a page or so of information. Contact Achim Franz if you have questions or problems with the web form.

Work Permits - Physics also uses Work Permits and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to review work that is more specific in its objectives. If a project is well defined and limited in scope, has a limited time or production quantity, or follows a fixed and documented procedure, it may be suitable to use a work permit or JSA as the safety review. In particular, JSAs are used to review work done by non-BNL workers who do short-term work, for example copy machine repairs and service. However, any project may still be reviewed as an ESR.

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Notice - This site does not contain the official copies of the Physics Department's Experiment Safety Reviews. The official copies are maintained by the Lab-wide electronic ESR system. All material on this site is subject to change in content or format at any time without notice.

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