Elizabeth Turner Worcester

I am an experimental high energy physicist at Brookhaven National Lab, in the Electronic Detector Group. I am also an adjunct professor at Stony Brook University. My research is primarily on neutrino oscillation. I am a member of the Daya Bay collaboration (a reactor neutrino experiment), the SBND and ICARUS collaborations (parts of a short-baseline neutrino experiment), and the DUNE collaboration (a future long-baseline neutrino experiment). I am also involved with R&D of water-based liquid scintillator. For my graduate work, I studied CP violation in the neutral kaon system as a member of the KTeV experiment. My PhD is from the University of Chicago, where my thesis advisor was Ed Blucher. As an undergraduate, I was involved with several astronomy/astrophysics projects. My undergraduate degree is a BS in physics from Georgia Tech.

My CV:


My experiments:

DUNE: Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
SBND: Short-baseline Near Detector
Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment
LBNE: Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment
ORKA: The Golden Kaon Experiment
KTeV: Kaons at the Tevatron
The MACHO Project
High-Z Supernova Search

Selected Results and Documents:

  • Experiment Simulation Configurations Used in DUNE CDR
  • Summary of Long-Baseline Systematics Session at CETUP*2014
  • Baseline optimization for the measurement of CP violation and mass hierarchy in a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment (2013)
  • Spectral measurement of electron antineutrino oscillation amplitude and frequency at Daya Bay (2013)
  • Scientific Opportunities with the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (2013)
  • Precision Neutrino Oscillation Measurements using Simultaneous High-Power, Low-Energy Project-X Beams (2013)
  • Project X: Physics Opportunities (2013)
  • ORKA, The Golden Kaon Experiment: Precision measurement of K+ -> pi+nunubar and other rare processes - Kaon13 Proceedings (2013)
  • ORKA: The Golden Kaon Experiment - BEACH Proceedings (2012)
  • Improved Measurement of Electron Antineutrino Disappearance at Daya Bay (2012)
  • Electromagnetic Calorimetry in Project X Experiments (2012)
  • Observation of electron-antineutrino disappearance at Daya Bay (2012)
  • Precise measurements of Direct CP Violation, CPT Symmetry, and Other Parameters in the Neutral Kaon System (2010)
  • Media:

  • Alpha Chi Omega Real.Strong.Women. of Distinction Award
  • Symmetry Video Contest
  • Yahoo News article on Symmetry Contest
  • Science Magazine article on careers