Documents and Materials for the Homestake Water Cherenkov Neutrino Detector

This website has links to the archive of documents related to building a 300 kTon water Cherenkov detector at Homestake, the former gold mine in Lead, South Dakota.

The website has public and private content

A very brief description for the water Cherenkov detector. PDF

NEW DUSEL WIKI site. This site will become the default in some time. WIKI for Homestake Water Cherenkov Neutrino Detector

Table of contents for this web site

  1. People
  2. Mailing lists
  3. Working group Calendar
  4. Meetings
    1. Oct. 12, 2007
    2. Nov. 3, 2007
    3. Apr. 23-26, 2008
    4. June 20, 2008
    5. Oct. 16-17, 2008
    6. Rest of the meetings on DOCDB
  5. FNAL BNL joint study
  6. Documents
  7. Engineering drawings
  8. Pressure testing of PMTs (private)
  9. Other Private pages

  10. People

    This is a list of people involved in the project. This now requires DOCDB password. Here

    Mailing Lists

    This is a list of mailing lists

    These are restricted for organizational purposes.

    Institutional Board: this is a limited group representing the PI's of all the institutions. hmstk-lb-ib

    Executive Board: this is a restricted group with the executive members on it according to the bi-laws. hmstk-lb-eb

    Technical Board: the technical board will be a restricted email list with only the working group leaders and a few other members. hmstk-lb-tb

    Project Coordination Group: this is a restricted group including officials from the national labs. to provide oversight to the Project. hmstk-lb-project

    These are the main lists for water Cherekov detector

    Collaboration This list is for both water Cherekov and liquid argon efforts. This is now the official collaboration list. hmstk-lb-collab

    An earlier list of interested individuals is still available, but will slowly be eliminated.

    Water is the mailing list for those involved in designing the water Cherenkov detector. hmstk-lb-water

    This list has no function at the moment. hmstk-lb-general

    Working Groups for water Cherekov detector.

    Phototubes: scope of work includes PMT evaluation, procurement, production, mounting structure design, pressure performance, installation. hmstk-lb-pmt

    Electronics: scope of work includes bases design, cables, front end electronics, data acquisition and calibration. hmstk-lb-electronics

    Vessel and water liner: scope of work includes the structure of the vessel that holds the water, alternatives for the vessel includes stainless liner, concrete liner, geo-textile liner, and other alternatives. hmstk-lb-liner

    Water System: Scope of work includes the basic untrapure water system, material compatibility, Future development needed for Galolium loading, cooling system. hmstk-lb-watersystem

    Integration: scope of work includes integration of all subsystems. hmstk-lb-integration

    Software: scope includes physics simulations, reconstruction, online data acquisition, offline data processing, software infrastucture and software management. hmstk-lb-software

    Calibration: scope includes detector calibration systems, associated hardware, software, and analysis. The end result should be a method for calibrating the energy, time, and particle identification for the detector, and associated cost and schedule. hmstk-lb-calib

    Simulations has a separate email list hmstk-wc-simulation

    ES&H: scope of work includes ES&H for all subsystems. hmstk-lb-esh

    Civil: Civil interface. Coordination between the DOE and NSF parts of the project. This list is restricted because of commmercial discussions. hmstk-lb-civil

    Discontinued mailing groups. S4-GEO hmstk-lb-s4-geo

    s4-water hmstk-lb-s4-water

    hmstk_lb_water (this was a mistake; there were underscores) hmstk_lb_water

    hmstk_lb_general (this was a mistake; there were underscores) hmstk_lb_general

    Mailing lists regarding Liquid argon are through Fermilab. You can select the lists of interest here LARTPC lists

    Working Group Calendar; All times here are Eastern Time


    1. First Meeting Oct 12, 2007, Fermilab

    2. Second Meeting Nov 3, 2007, Washington DC

    3. Third Meeting April 23-26, 2008, Lead, South Dakota

    4. Fourth meeting June 20, 2008, Fermilab

    5. Fourth meeting Oct 16-17, Brookhaven

    6. Rest of the meetings on DOCDB Rest of the meetings

    US long baseline neutrino experiment study

    The link is HERE

    This study was carried out between March, 2006 and June of 2007. It's primary mission was to understand the capabilities in the current and future program of accelerator neutrino oscillation physics in the US, from FNAL. It also informed the NuSAG (Neutrino Scientific Advisory Group of the DOE/HEPAP) about these capabilities. The NuSAG committee used the findings of this study to issue its report in July 2007.

    The report of the study has detailed information about the event rates from various beam configurations from the main injector at FNAL. It also has the best possible information available at that time on technical issues regarding detector performance, feasibility, and cost.


    All documents are now going into a DOCDB repositorie. Username and password should be obtained from Milind Diwan (diwan at


    Engineering drawings


    Pressure testing of Photomultipliers

    This is a link to the work in progress on pressure testing of tubes at BNL. It also has links to some of the SuperK stuff. Here

    Some private collaboration pages

    Meeting notes

    vendor notes

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