Dr. Xin Qian

Position: Physicist
Institution: Electronic Detector Group , Physics Department , Brookhaven National Laboratory

Position: Associate Adjunct Professor
Institution: Department of Physics and Astronomy , Stony Brook University

Address: Xin Qian,
Building 510E, P.O. Box 5000
Brookhaven National Laboratory,
Upton, NY, 11973

Phone: 1-631-344-3828 (o)
Fax: 1-631-344-4741
E-Mail : xqian@bnl.gov

Dissertation : Neutron Collins/Sivers SSA (Duke University, 2010) Medium Energy Group
2011 Jefferson Lab Thesis Prize Award
2014 DOE Early Career Award
2015 BNL Sambamurti Lecturer
2016 Breakthrough Prize as a member of Daya Bay Collaboration
2017 EPS Young Experimental Scientist Prize
2022 BNL Science and Technology Award
2023 The High Energy and Particle Physics Prize (as a member of Daya Bay collaboration), High-Energy Division of EPS

Major Research Projects: Past Research Projects:

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Selected Publications :


  • Reactor Antineutrino Flux and Anomaly
           C. Zhang, X. Qian, and M. Fallot arXiv:2310.13070, Part. Nucl. Phys. 136, 104106 (2024).
  • Physics with Reactor Neutrinos
           X. Qian and Jen-Chieh Peng arXiv:1801.05386 , Report of Progress in Physics 82, 036201 (2019)
  • Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments
           M. V. Diwan, V. Galymov, X. Qian, and A. Rubbia arXiv:1608.06237, Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science Vol. 66 47-71 (2016)
  • Neutrino Mass Hierarchy
           Xin Qian and Petr Vogel arXiv:1505.01891, Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics, 83, 1, (2015)


  • Combined Neyman-Pearson Chi-square: An Improved Approximation of Poisson-likelihood Chi-square
           X. Ji et al. arXiv:1903.07185 , NIMA 961, P163677 (2020).
  • Data Unfolding with Wiener-SVD Method
           W. Tang et al. arXiv:1705.03568 , JINST, 12, P10002 (2017).
  • CLs Method at Gaussian Limit to Present Searches
           Xin Qian et al. arXiv:1407.5052 (2014), NIMA 827, 63 (2016) .
  • Statistical Evaluation of Experimental Determinations of Neutrino Mass Hierarchy
           Xin Qian et al. arXiv:1210.3651 Phys. Rev. D86 113011 (2012).

    MicroBooNE Experiment

  • First simultaneous measurement of differential muon-neutrino charged-current cross sections on argon for final states with and without protons using MicroBooNE data
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:2402.19281
  • Inclusive cross section measurements in final states with and without protons for charged-current numu-Ar scattering in MicroBooNE
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:2402.19216
  • Measurement of triple-differential inclusive muon-neutrino charged-current cross section on argon with the MicroBooNE detector
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:2307.06413
  • First constraints on light sterile neutrino oscillations from combined appearance and disappearance searches with the MicroBooNE detectors
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:2210.10216 , Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 011801 (2023).
  • Search for an Excess of Electron Neutrino Interactions in MicroBooNE using Multiple Final State Topologies
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:2110.14054 , Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 241801 (2022).
  • Search for an anomalous excess of inclusive charged-current electron neutrino interactions in the MicroBooNE experiment using Wire-Cell reconstruction
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:2110.13978 , Phys. Rev. D105, 112005 (2022).
  • First Measurement of Energy-dependent Inclusive Muon Neutrino Charged-Current Cross Sections on Argon with the MicroBooNE Detector
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:2110.14023 , Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 151801 (2022).

    Detector Physics and Event Reconstruction in LArTPC

  • Three-dimensional Imaging for Large LArTPCs
           X. Qian, C. Zhang, B. Viren and M. Diwan, arXiv:1803.04850 , JINST, 13, P05032 (2018).
  • A hybrid 3D/2D field response calculation for liquid argon detectors with PCB based anode plane
           S. Martynenko et al. arXiv:2303.10224 JINST, 18, P04033 (2023)
  • Wire-Cell 3D Pattern Recgonition Techniques for Neutrino Event Reconstruction in Large LArTPCs: Algorithm Description and Quantitative Evaluation with MicroBooNE simulation
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:2110.13961 , JINST 17, P10037 (2022).
  • High-performance Generic Neutrino Detection in a LArTPC near the Earth's Surface with the MicroBooNE Detector
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:2012.07928 (2021).
  • Cosmic Ray Background Rjection with Wire-Cell LArTPC Event Recosntruction in the MicroBooNE Detector
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:2101.05076 , Phys. Rev. Applied 15, 064071 (2021).
  • Neutrino Event Selection in the MicroBooNE Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber using Wire-Cell 3-D Imaging, Clustering, and Charge-Light Matching
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:2011.01375 , JINST, 16, P06043 (2021).
  • Augmented Signal Processing in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber
           H. Yu et al. arXiv:2007.12743 , JINST 16 P01036 (2020).
  • Ionization Electron Signal Processing in Single Phase LArTPCs I. Algorithm Description and Quantitative Evaluation with MicroBooNE Simulation
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:1802.08709 , JINST 13, P07006 (2018).
  • Ionization Electron Signal Processing in Single Phsae LArTPCs II. Data/Simulation Comparison and Performance in MicroBooNE
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:1804.02583 , JINST 13, P07007 (2018).
  • Noise Characterization and Filtering in the MicroBooNE Liquid Argon TPC
           MicroBooNE Collaboration arXiv:1705.07341 JINST 12 P08003 (2017).

    Daya Bay Experiment

  • "Observation of electron-antineutrino disappearance at Daya Bay"        5.2 sigma discovery
           F. P. An et al Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 171803 (2012), APS Viewpoint, arXiv:1203.1669
           This work was reported at INTERACTIONS , Caltech news, Science Daily, W&M news, CERN COURIER, Physics Today and Science.
  • A new measurement of antineutrino oscillation with full detector configuration at Daya Bay
           F. P. An e al. arXiv:1505.03456 Precision measurement of Dm2ee and 10 theta13 PRL 115, 11802 (2015). News
  • Search for a Light Sterile Neutrino at Daya Bay
           F. P. An et al, arXiv:1407.7259 , Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 141802 (2014)
           arXiv:1607.01177 , Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 151801 (2016)
           arXiv:1607.01174 , Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 151802 (2016)
  • Measurement of the Reactor Antineutrno Flux and Sepctrum at Daya Bay
           F. P. An et al, arXiv:1508.04233 (2015) Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 061801 (2016)

    Electron Scattering Experiments

  • Single/Double-Spin Asymmetry Measurements of Semi-inclusive Pion Electroproduction off a Transversely Polarized 3He Target through Deep Inelastic Scattering
           Xin Qian et al. PRL 107, 072003 (2011)        J. Huang et al. PRL 108, 052001 (2012)
  • "Measurement of nuclear transparency for the A(e, e') reaction"
           B. Clasie, Xin Qian et al. PRL 99, 242502 (2007) arXiv:0707.1481
           This work was reported at Physical Review Focus
  • Measurement of the Target-Normal Single Spin Asymmetry in the Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering Region from the reaction 3He(e,e')
           J. Katich, X. Qian et al. arXiv:1311.0197, PRL 113 022502 (2014)
  • The extraction of phi-N total cross section from d(gamma,pK+K-)n
           X. Qian et al. arXiv:0907.2668 , PLB 680 417 (2009)
  • Study of the A(e,e'pi+) Reaction on 1H, 2H, 12C, 27Al, 64Cu, and 197Au
           X. Qian et al. arXiv:0908.1616 , PRC 81, 055209 (2010)
  • Transverse Spin Structure of the Nucleon through Target Single Spin Asymmetry in Semi-Inclusive-Deep-Inelastic (e,e'pi+-) Reaction at Jefferson Lab
           H. Gao et al. arXiv:1009.3803, Eur. Phys. J. Plus 126:2 (2011) .
  • Transverse Momentum Dependent Parton Distribution/Fragmentation Functions at an Electron-Ion Collider
           M. Anselmino et al. arXiv:1101.4199 , Eur. Phys. J. A47, 35 (2011).

    Ideas and Pheno Work

  • Reactor Antieutrino Anomaly with known theta13
           C. Zhang, X. Qian, and P. Vogel. arXiV:1303.0900 , Phys. Rev. D87, 073018 (2013).
  • Mass Hierarchy Resolution in Reactor Anti-neutrino Experiment: Parameter Degeneracies and Detector Energy Response
           Xin Qian et al. arXiv:1208.1551 Phys. Rev. D87 033005 (2013).
  • Unitarity Tests of the Neutrino Mixing Matrix
           X. Qian et al. arXiv.1308.5700
  • A Second Detector Focusing on the Second OScillation Maximum at an Off-axis Location to Enhance the Mass Hierarchy Discovery Potential in LBNE10
           X. Qian et al. arXiv.1307.7406

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