Experiments by Number and Name

BNL-AGS-E751 Measurement of Hyperon Radiative Decay
BNL-AGS-E752 A Search for Sigma Hypernuclear Levels in O(16) in the (K-, π+) Reaction
BNL-AGS-E754 Determination of the Dynamics of μ+ Motion in Aluminum
BNL-AGS-E755 π- p Two-Body Exclusive Reactions at 90 Deg from 8 Gev/c to 18 Gev/c, and (Phase II) Large Angle Exclusives — Positives and Polarization
BNL-AGS-E758 The (π+,K+) Reaction — a New Tool for the Study of Hypernuclear Structure
BNL-AGS-E759 The Weak Decay Modes of Hypernuclei
BNL-AGS-E760 Spin Dependence of the Lambda Nucleus Interaction Determined by Observation of Hypernuclear Gamma Rays
BNL-AGS-E762 Search for Narrow Structures in the Antiproton-Proton Annihilation Cross Section from 1900 to 1950 Mev
BNL-AGS-E766 Study of Omega- Production and Development of On-Line Hardware Processing
BNL-AGS-E767 Development of a Low Energy Antineutron Source and Measurement of Antineutron-Proton Annihilation Cross Sections Near Antinucleon-Nucleon Threshold
BNL-AGS-E769 Search for Glueballs and Other Meson States
BNL-AGS-E771 Study of E-Meson Characteristics in π- p, K- p, and pbar p Interactions
BNL-AGS-E772 Search for Antiproton-Neutron Bound and Resonant States
BNL-AGS-E773 Search for S=-1 Dibaryon States in the Lambda P Missing Mass Spectrum Near the Sigma Nucleon Threshold in the Reaction D(K-, π-)X At 870 Mev/c
BNL-AGS-E774 Search for Sigma Hypernuclear Levels in 4He
BNL-AGS-E775 Neutrino Oscillation Experiments at the AGS to Cover the Interval 0.1 < delta2sin(2α) < 100 eV2
BNL-AGS-E776 Neutrino Oscillation Experiment
BNL-AGS-E777 Search for the Rare Decay Mode K+ → π++,e-
BNL-AGS-E778 Study of Nuclear Fragments Produced from P Nucleus Collisions in the Threshold Region 1 < P < 28 Gev/C Using a Warm Gas Jet Internal Target
BNL-AGS-E779 Use of 28-Gev Proton External Beam for Nuclear Spectroscopy and Nuclear Reaction Studies
BNL-AGS-E780 A Search for the Flavor Changing Neutral Currents KL → Muon Electron and KL → e+ e-
BNL-AGS-E781 Spin Dependence of the Lambda Nucleus Interaction Determined by Observation of Hypernuclear Gamma Rays
BNL-AGS-E782 Spin-Spin Effects in Medium and High Momentum Transfer Elastic P-P Scattering
BNL-AGS-E785 Single Spin Asymmetry Measurement in Inclusive P(Polarized) P Reactions at 24 Gev/C and High Transverse Momentum
BNL-AGS-E787 Rare Kaon decay
BNL-AGS-E788 The Four-Fermion Weak Interaction and the Decay of Λ4He and Λ5He
BNL-AGS-E789 Search for Ξ(2.22) Formation in Antiproton-Proton Interactions
BNL-AGS-E790 Nuclear Stopping Power Measurements with 18-GeV/c Protons
BNL-AGS-E791 Study of Very Rare KL Decays
BNL-AGS-E793 Search for Fractionally Charged Nuclei in 15A GeV Silicon-Pb and Silicon-Cu Collisions
BNL-AGS-E794 One-spin Effects in pp → pp at High PT2
BNL-AGS-E795 Measurement of the Imaginary Part of the I=1 Nucleon-Antinucleon S-Wave Scattering Length at Threshold
BNL-AGS-E798 Study of Strangeness in Nuclei by Use of the (π+,K+) Reaction
BNL-AGS-E801 A Search for Free Quarks Produced in Heavy-Ion Mercury Interactions
BNL-AGS-E802 Studies of Particle Production at Extreme Baryon Densities in Nuclear Collisions at the AGS
BNL-AGS-E804 Search for Fractional Charge with Heavy Ion Beams at the Brookhaven AGS
BNL-AGS-E805 Search for Galactic Axions
BNL-AGS-E806 Nuclear Fragmentation in Heavy Ion Collisions at 15 GeV/AMU
BNL-AGS-E808 Interactions of 14.1 GeV/AMU Nuclei for 16O to 197Au in Light and Heavy Targets
BNL-AGS-E810 A Search for Quark Matter (QGP) and Other New Phenomena Utilizing Heavy Ion Collisions at the AGS
BNL-AGS-E811 Radiative Kaon Capture and Hyperon Weak Radiative Decay
BNL-AGS-E813 Search for a strangeness -2 dibaryon
BNL-AGS-E814 Study of Extreme Peripheral Collisions and of the Transition from Peripheral to Central Collisions in Reactions Induced by Relativistic Heavy Ions
BNL-AGS-E815 Particle Production and Nuclear Fragmentation in Collisions of Heavy Ions in Emulsion at AGS Energies
BNL-AGS-E816 Search for Neutrino Oscillations
BNL-AGS-E817 Spin transfer in hyperon production
BNL-AGS-E818 Search for a JPC-Exotic Hybrid Meson
BNL-AGS-E820 Search for S = -1 Dibaryon Resonance in the Mass Region (2.05 - 2.15) Gev/c Using the Reaction 3He (K-+) nx and 3He (K-+) px at 870 Mev/c
BNL-AGS-E821 Muon g-2 experiment
BNL-AGS-E836 Search for a strangeness -2 dibaryon using a 3He target
BNL-AGS-E841 Physics calibration of the SOUDAN-2 Nucleon Decay Experiment using neutrinos at Brookhaven
BNL-AGS-E844 Measurement of the angular distribution for fragments in the target rapidity region
BNL-AGS-E850 Eva, Color Transparency
BNL-AGS-E851 A Study of the decay K+ → π+ e+ e-
BNL-AGS-E852 Search for Mesons with Unusual Quantum Numbers
BNL-AGS-E864 Rare Composite Objects and Novel Forms of Matter
BNL-AGS-E865 Lepton flavor number violating decay K+ → π+ μ+ e-
BNL-AGS-E866 Particle Production at High Baryon Densities Using the Au Beam
BNL-AGS-E871 Search for Rare Kaon Decays
BNL-AGS-E877 Study of Transverse Energy and Particle Production in Ultrarelativistic Au+Au Collisions
BNL-AGS-E878 Investigation of antinucleus production
BNL-AGS-E880 The Effects of a Partial Siberian Snake on Polarization at the AGS
BNL-AGS-E881 Utilizing φ φ Spectroscopy to Search for Exotic Glueballs, Exotic Hybrid or Exotic Multiquark States
BNL-AGS-E882-B Search for Strangelets and Other Exotic Objects
BNL-AGS-E885 Search for Dilambda Hypernuclei
BNL-AGS-E886 Search for New Particles in Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions
BNL-AGS-E887 Do Narrow Σ Hypernuclear States Exist?
BNL-AGS-E888 Search for the H Dibaryon
BNL-AGS-E889 Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Search - Did not run!
BNL-AGS-E890 A New Test of Charge Symmetry in η Production on Deuterium
BNL-AGS-E891 A search for quark matter (QGP) and other new phenomena utilizing Au Au Collisions at the AGS
BNL-AGS-E892 Capture from Pair Production
BNL-AGS-E895 Exclusive Study of Nuclear Collisions using 2-10A GeV Au Beams
BNL-AGS-E896 H0 di-baryon, hyperon production in 11.6 A GeV/c AuAu collisions
BNL-AGS-E897 Tests of C and CP in Rare η Decays with the Crystal Ball Detector
BNL-AGS-E900 Extension: Heating Nuclei with Antiprotons
BNL-AGS-E905 Search for Σ States in 4He
BNL-AGS-E906 CDS Detection of Pionic Decays
BNL-AGS-E907 Hypernuclear Spectroscopy with the NMS
BNL-AGS-E909 η production at threshold
BNL-AGS-E910 A Facility to Study Proton-nucleus and Heavy Ion Collisions using a Large-acceptance Detector with Particle Identification Capability
BNL-AGS-E913-914 The Crystal Ball
BNL-AGS-E917 High Density Baryon Matter Using Rare Probes
BNL-AGS-E923 T-violation in K decays
BNL-AGS-E925 Spin asymmetry in inclusive pion production with a polarized proton beam
BNL-AGS-E926 Rare KL decay experiment
BNL-AGS-E931 A Study of the Delta I = 1/2 Rule in the Weak Decay of s-shell Hypernuclei
BNL-AGS-E935 The Search for a Light Mass Gluino
BNL-AGS-E940 Muon to Electron COnversion Experiment (MECO)
BNL-AGS-E941 Searching for Rare Composite Objects and Novel Forms of Matter in High Energy Ion Collisions
BNL-AGS-E949 Rare kaon decay experiment in the C4 beamline(LESB III)
BNL-FNAL-E823 D0 upgrade
BNL-NSLS-L10 Polarizability of the Bound Neutron
BNL-RHIC-BRAHMS Broad RAnge Hadron Magnetic Spectrometers Experiment at RHIC
BNL-RHIC-PHOBOS A study of the re-enactment of the evolution of the universe a micro-second after the Big Bang
BNL-RHIC-PP2PP Total and Differentail Cross Sections, and Polarization Effects in pp Elastic Scattering at RHIC
BNL-RHIC-ZCAL Zero Degree Calorimeters: Centrality and Luminosity Measurement used in the RHIC experiments

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