BNL Physics Department Hire Process

To request a new hire, please submit a new hire packet including the following information and forms to James Desmond in the Physics Department Business Office, Rm 1-56B, Bldg. 510A.

Memorandum from the Group Leader addressed to the Physics Department Chair including the following information:

  • Title of appointment;
  • Type of appointment (term, regular full-time, or part-time). If term or part-time appointment, please include length of term or percentage of part-time status;
  • Indicate whether the position is a replacement or new hire. If the position is a replacement, indicate the name of the individual being replaced and termination/transfer date;
  • Projected start date for the new hire;
  • Project-Activity numbers;
  • Where the ad should be placed;
  • This memo must include signature approval lines for James Desmond, Physics Department Business Office, and Hong Ma, Physics Department Chair

The following must be included in the packet:

  1. Job Posting Template (available here);
  2. Job Assessment Form (JAF). This form must be completed in its entirety and include supervisor and Achim Franz's signatures.

To download the latest version of the JAF Form, please see the SBMS Subject Area for Job Vacancies, Step 1:

All new hire requests will be subject to budget review and approval by the Physics Department Business Office and Physics Department Chair. Once the above information is approved, Leesa Allen will submit to Human Resources via the TAMS Recruiting Portal.

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