BNL Physics Department Hire Process

Part I

To request a new hire, the Group Administrator submits a new hire packet including the following information and forms electronically to Leesa Allen in the Physics Department Chair’s office,

The following must be included in the packet:

  1. Memorandum from group leader addressed to the Physics Department Chair including the following information:
    • Title of appointment;
    • Type of appointment (term, regular full-time, or part-time). If term or part-time appointment, please include length of term or percentage of part-time status;
    • Indicate whether the position is a replacement or new hire. If the position is a replacement, indicate the name of the individual being replaced and termination/transfer date;
    • Projected start date for the new hire;
    • Project-Activity numbers;
    • Where the ad should be placed;
    • This memo must include signature approval lines for James Desmond, Physics Department Business Office, and Hong Ma, Physics Department Chair.
  2. Job Posting Template (available here);
  3. Job Assessment Form (JAF) approved by Achim Franz or designee, see Occupational Medicine Clinic (3rd + Job Assmt. and Add'l Medical Surveillance Forms (JAF & AMS): Links and Instructions)

All new hire requests will be subject to budget review and approval by the Physics Department Business Office Manager and Physics Department Chair. Once the above information is approved, Leesa Allen will submit to Human Resources.

  • Next, HR will upload the Job Posting Template to the HR SharePoint site for review of edits/revisions with the Hiring Manager and HR Recruiter. Please review the changes made by HRM and the recruiter, and respond to the questions on the shared document, if any.
  • After HR approval of the Job Posting Template, Leesa Allen will enter the job posting in the Workday Recruiting Portal. The requisition will be routed for approval in Workday, then the position will be posted on
  • All hiring managers should have taken the training “Implicit Bias in Hiring Practices” (PE-PE275)
  • An interview committee should be formed with consideration of diversity. Inclusion of external members outside of the group is encouraged.

Part II

  • Once the Hiring Manager has selected candidates for interviews, the Group Administrator is responsible for ensuring that all interview candidates register in the Guest Information System (GIS) and scheduling the interview. All candidates for phone interviews, video interviews and, interviews with BNL employees must register in GIS and, the Guest Registration must be approved prior to the interview.
  • Candidates for prescreening discussions do not need to register in GIS if the discussion meets the criteria for a phone prescreen, however, the candidate cannot be hired without a formal interview which requires registration and approval in GIS. See the Human Resources Toolkit for Hiring Managers: Human Resources | Toolkit for Hiring Managers ( and interview guidance:

After the hiring manager has completed the interview process and a candidate has been selected, please note the following steps:

Postdoctoral and Scientific Job Offers

Step #1:

  1. The Group Leader/ Hiring Manager uses the BNL logo memorandum template to prepare a memo addressed to Hong Ma, Physics Department Chair, with cc to Christel Colon (HRM), referencing the candidates name and job ID number in the subject line. See memorandum template here.
    Please include the following information in the body of the memorandum:
    • Candidate's name
    • Job ID number
    • Brief justification for the candidate selection
    • Expected start date and length of term, if applicable
    • Approval line for Department Chair's signature and, blank line for starting salary for the Department Chair to enter a salary recommendation to HR.
    • Please indicate in the memo whether the candidate will be stationed at another work location (i. e. CERN, Fermilab, etc.), work remotely, or will require relocation assistance to New York. If the candidate will relocate to New York, please indicate the anticipated date for relocation.
  2. Candidate's CV
  3. Completed HR Interview Evaluation Form
  4. Three letters of recommendation for the candidate

Group Leader/Hiring Manager submits items 1 thru 4 electronically to the Group Administrator to ensure all information and required documentation is complete and accurate.

Step #2:

Group Administrator reviews all information and submits items 1 thru 4 electronically to Leesa Allen, Leesa Allen will route to Physics Department Chair for review/approval and salary recommendation.

The selected candidate should be moved by the Hiring Manager to the ‘Offer’ stage. This will alert the HR Recruiter to initiate / create the job offer.

Step #3:

After Department Chair review, salary recommendation and approval, Leesa Allen will forward the hire request package to the HR Recruiter assigned to the job posting for final review.

Step #4:

HR Recruiter will review and attach the hire request documentation in Workday and enter the offer information which Workday will automatically route to the appropriate leadership / approvers.

Step #5:

After the offer is approved in Workday, the Department Chair will send a preliminary e-mail offer to the candidate for postdoctoral and scientific staff appointments only. Candidates will have two weeks to accept or decline the job offer. Non-scientific offers will be extended by the Recruiter following offer approval in Workday. A preliminary e-mail offer is not used for non-scientific offers. The Recruiter will set a decision date with these candidates which typically does not extend beyond 3 business days.

Step #6:

After candidate acceptance of the preliminary e-mail offer, HR will send a request for additional information (VISA EVALUATION FORM). After reviewing the visa information, HR will send the candidate an official HR offer letter which includes instructions for registering in the Guest Registration System (the system used for new employees as well as guests), Appointment Allowance Form, Sign-On Supplement Form (if applicable), and Conflict of Interest Disclosure (COID) Form to the candidate for signature. For foreign nationals, the Guest Registration System will initiate the Employee IA-473 process. The HR Office of International Services (OIS) will assist with the visa determination process.

The preliminary email offer step is to ensure timely decision by the candidate on the offer. In the case when extensive negotiation is needed and verbal acceptance of the offer is already obtained, the preliminary email offer (Step 5) may be skipped, and Chair and Leesa Allen should be informed.

If the selected candidate declines the preliminary e-mail offer, please repeat step #1 to proceed with the second candidate.

Step #7:

Once signed forms are returned from the candidate to HR, Leesa Allen will send the signed Appointment Allowance Form to Group Administrator for relocation assistance documentation.

The relocation of foreign nationals will not take place until the appropriate visa has been obtained.

For Non-Scientific Job Offers

All non-scientific job offers are handled by Human Resources. Group Leaders / Hiring Managers must work with the assigned HR Recruiter for all non-scientific hire recommendations. The Chair will review and approve the offer after it is entered in the Workday, and there is no preliminary email offer.

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