A recent addition to physgi01 configuration is the /PublicDomain directory tree.

Why a /PublicDomain?

Since the development of Public Domain software has taken on a force of its own in the world of Internet networking/Unix computing, it deserves to have its own directory tree. It also makes it a lot simpler to make available to other SGI unix stations attached to the local phy.bnl.gov network and access and use it. Furthermore, in an environment where multiple workstations are configured into clusters, where nfs mounts are commonly used, /usr/local becomes a very inconvenient place to put public domain software. /usr/local really wants to be a repository of local software unique to that one workstation. Therefore I have created /PublicDomain and all the public domain software found under /PublicDomain was built so that each of the software components search for various auxiliary files under the /PublicDomain directory tree.

What can I find in /PublicDomain?

The following is a list of the software found in /PublicDomain. /PublicDomain was designed to be a TeX repository. Therefore, all the software built so far is needed either to build TeX or is related in some way to support TeX processing on physgi01. It also contains software which was not built properly in the CCD SQIRT release.

How can I access the software in /PublicDomain?

/PublicDomain resides locally on physgi01, and is nfs mounted on physgi03. If you want to access the software when logged into physgi0?, then put


in your path search list. For example, the following is a typical setting of the PATH environment variable:

echo $PATH
PATH = :/usr/sbin:/usr/bsd:/sbin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/PublicDomain/bin:/usr/local/bin

Notice how /PublicDomain/bin comes /usr/local/bin. Otherwise you will be picking up the software from the CCD SQIRT distribution which either does not work, or is out of date.

If you are on another workstation, tell your system manager to add the following line to /etc/fstab.

physgi01:/physgi01.dist/PublicDomain /PublicDomain nfs rw,bg,soft,intr 0 0

You then should make sure the /PublicDomain/bin is added to your PATH as suggested above.

What about the future?

In the future, physgi01 will become an AFS server and /PublicDomain will be mounted via AFS. AFS clients have caching features which will allow for the software most frequently accessed to be stored on a local disk. This will enhance the performance of the software

What about SQIRT?

SQIRT, being a service provided by CCD will alway be with us, and installed on physgi01. The problem being that there an inevitable delay period when some piece of software becomes available on the net but does not get updated by CCD SQIRT, (LaTeX2e for example). This allows one to stay right on the bleeding edge of public domain forefront.

Stephen Adler (adler@bnlku5.phy.bnl.gov)