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MicroBooNE Generic Neutrino Detection 9 June 2021 The Wire-Cell analysis in MicroBooNE achieved significant improvement in rejecting cosmic ray backgrounds
Muon g-2 First Results 7 April 2021 First results from Fermilab's Muon g-2 experiment confirmed Brookhaven's results in 2004
Daya Bay End of Operation 12 December 2020 Daya Bay finished data taking on Dec 12, 2020 after 9 years of successful operation.
ProtoDUNE Cold Electronics 29 August 2018 BNL designed, produced, tested, and delivered cold electronics to ProtoDUNE.
MicroBooNE Signal Processing 6 July 2018 The Wire-Cell analysis significantly improved the charge extraction through the 2D deconvolution technique in MicroBooNE.
MicroBooNE Low Noise 7 August 2017 MicroBooNE obtained clearest images through cold electronics and software noise filtering developed at BNL.
Daya Bay Fuel Evolution Analysis 4 April 2017 Daya Bay's fuel evolution analysis indicated errors in reactor antineutrino modeling.
Daya Bay Reactor Spectrum 12 February 2016 Daya Bay's precise measurement of reactor antineutrino spectrum shows surprising features.
Breakthrough Prize 2016 9 November 2015 The 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics was awarded to the spokespeople and collaborations of the Daya Bay, K2K/T2K, KamLAND, SNO and Super-Kamiokande experiments. The BNL Electronic Detector Group plays a leading role in Daya Bay and has members named on the Super-Kamiokande awards for past participation. BNL scientists are also named on the SNO award.
BNL Link to Nobel Prize 8 October 2015 BNL has links to 2015 Nobel Prize for neutrino oscillations through Minfang's group in Chemistry on SNO and Maurice's role in SuperK
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