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Recent news:

Breakthrough Prize 2016 9 November 2015 The 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics was awarded to the spokespeople and collaborations of the Daya Bay, K2K/T2K, KamLAND, SNO and Super-Kamiokande experiments. The BNL Electronic Detector Group plays a leading role in Daya Bay and has members named on the Super-Kamiokande awards for past participation. BNL scientists are also named on the SNO award.
BNL Link to Nobel Prize 8 October 2015 BNL has links to 2015 Nobel Prize for neutrino oscillations through Minfang's group in Chemistry on SNO and Maurice's role in SuperK
Daya Bay 8-AD paper 11 September 2015 Daya Bay has doubled the precision of measurements of q13 and dm**2
Mary APSfellow 15 December 2014 Bishai, Mary R.

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Citation: For her contributions to flavor physics, including analysis of the NuMI/MINOS neutrino beam, leadership of the accelerator neutrino program, and contributions to understanding of the b-quark.
Paper on sterile neutrino search at Daya Bay published 1 October 2014 An analysis initiated and led by EDG members Jiaji Ling, Xin Qian, Chao Zhang and Milind Diwan on a search for sterile neutrinos at Daya Bay has led to a publication today.
Early Career Award 1 May 2014 Xin Qian won the Early Career Award for Detector Development towards Precision Measurements of Neutrino Mixing
Service award in science 20 March 2014 The Town of Brookhaven Office of Women's Services Award in Science was awarded to Mary Bishai
Women physicist month 5 March 2014 Lisa Whitehead is recognized as woman physicist of the month by the APS CSWP
BNL 2013 Top10 15 January 2014 New result to be published on Physical Review letters ( includes the first ever measurement of the "atmospheric neutrino mass splitting" using electron neutrinos. This observation is consistent with prior measurements using muon neutrinos and confirms the 3-neutrino standard model of neutrino oscillations.
Jaffe APSfellow 30 November 2013 David Jaffe was elected APS fellow.
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