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How to use this wiki.


For readers

  • Main entry points are kept in the side bar.
  • Some features require JavaScript to be turned on.

Public vs. Private

This wiki comes in both public and private versions in order to protect some information. The public wiki is visible to anonymous visitors but has some restriction on what content is displayed. The private wiki has no specific restriction but is visible only for authenticated visitors.

For editors

  • Editing requires you to login.
  • Contact the wiki admin for an account.
  • If a page as an "Edit with form" tab, prefer that over the plain "Edit" tab.
  • Please consult with the admin for new forms or changes to existing forms.

Adding or Modifying Objects

To add new semantic objects (eg, a new group member) or modify existing ones go to Special:Forms and click on the object type to add, fill in a name and hit "Create or Edit". Then edit and submit the form.

An alternative way to modify existing ones is to view their page and click the "Edit with form" tab at the top.

Public vs. Private

See above for public vs. private viewing issues. Only authenticated users may edit the public wiki. In general, no editing of the private wiki is allowed as any new edits found in the public wiki are periodically synchronized and if care is not taken edits to the private wiki will be lost. If you can feel you need to edit the private wiki and can accept this risk contact the admin for access.


You can receive E-mail notifications of changes to pages:

  • You must have authenticated your email address.
  • Visit your Preferences page and assure "E-mail me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed" under "E-mail options" is selected.
  • Visit desired page and select "Watch" from the drop down menu.


Tips for adding conferences:

  • Before adding a new conference check that it has not yet been added. You can check here
  • Include the year in the conference name. You must pick a unique name.
    • For any meetings that occur more than once per year, include also the month or some other unique identifier.
  • Learn about new conferences by "watching" Conference Category page as described above.

Adding a Conference

Start by going to Form:Conference.

  1. Enter a unique name including at least the year
  2. Click the "Create or edit" button
  3. Fill in the form including at least the entries marked "mandatory"
  4. Click "Show Preview" to check how it will look
  5. Click "Save Page" when done.

Conference Attendance

Important: you must indicate your intention to attend a conference by checking the box in front of your name in the attendance related form for any given conference. It is based on this indication that the Physics department will request permission.

You must also check your name in one of the following applicable categories:

  • Presenter giving a talk
  • Participant giving papers, posters or acting as an organizer
  • Audience other / going to gather information

Conference Related Queries

Note: any query that displays attendance will only work on the private wiki.

You can produce a list of upcoming conferences for an individual with the Template:My Upcoming Conferences template. If placed in an Individual's page the name need not be specified. See the template's page for all options. Eg:

 {{My Upcoming Conferences|DOE=false}}
 {{My Upcoming Conferences|NAME=John Smith}}

You can display all future conferences that an individual is not attending with the Template:Not Attending Conferences template. It is called in a similar manner.

For Admins

Adding new Users

  • Add an account with this form. Fill in UserName, E-mail and Real Name fields and then click "by email" button for the wiki to generate an initial password and sent notification to the email address.
  • Make an "Individual" object Form:Individual, naming the page like "First Last". Fill in at least required fields.
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