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Evidence for electron antineutrino disappearance at Daya Bay First K+ → π+ ν ν event

We are an experimental particle physics research group in the Physics Department of Brookhaven National Laboratory. Our mission is the exploration of properties and interactions of the constituents of matter.

Our group primarily studies very rare processes at the Intensity Frontier, one of three main research areas in high energy physics, along with the Energy and Cosmic frontiers. Our major current activities are the neutrino experiments: Daya Bay in China, LBNE in the Homestake mine in South Dakota and MINOS at FNAL. We continue to produce results from the very rare kaon decay experiment E949 at BNL and are pushing for a new experiment called ORKA at FNAL. We also participate in the rare pion decay experiment PIENU at TRIUMF and in the Cosmic frontier experiment, LSST in Chile.

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