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K+ → π+ π0
Number Title Date Authors (see also)
K-001  E949 Proposal  10/12/98  Kettell   
K-002  E949 Collaboration Meeting #1 Transparencies  02/03/99  Kettell   
K-003  E949 Proposal to DOE  04/19/99  Kettell   
K-004  Proposed New Beam Instrumentation  06/22/99  Kitching, MacDonald, Numao   
K-005  E949 Collaboration Meeting #2 Transparencies  10/03/99  Kettell  Minutes  
K-006  Proposed RS Monitor System  2/3/00  Nomura   
K-007  RS Scintillator Study  12/10/99  Frank  K-007_triumf or K-007_test 
K-008  Monte Carlo Study of the Active Degrader  12/23/99  Numao   
K-009  E949 Collaboration Meeting #3 Transparencies  02/10/00  Kettell  Minutes  
K-010  Preprint of the E949 Proposal  3/21/00  Kettell  BNL-67247, tri-pp-00-06 
K-011  E949 Collaboration Meeting #4 Transparencies  07/16/00  Kettell  Minutes  
K-012  Effects of RS pe yield on TD Analysis  10/24/00  Bergbusch   
K-013  T-counters with WLS fiber readout  11/24/00  Khabibullin et. al.   
K-014  Fiber optic bundles for E949 RS Monitor  12/15/00  Frank, Kozhevnikov   
K-015  Downstream Photon Veto Counter  11/29/00  Victorov   
K-016  E949 Trigger Definitions  4/01/01  Kettell, Yoshioka   
K-017  Downstream Collar Detector for E949  6/12/01  Kudenko et al.   
K-018  Prototype L0 Trigger and Meantimer Boards for E949  7/15/01  Nomachi, Yoshioka   
K-019  A Simulation of the E949 Collar Detector using GEANT  2/8/00  Kurshetsov   
K-020  Tests of prototype E949 beam instrumentation  6/15/01  Coombes et al.   
K-021  Final E949 Beam Instrumentation  8/1/01  Coombes et al.   
K-022 unpublished       
K-023  Improvement to the RSSC Electronics  4/29/02  X. Li et al.   
K-024  Modifications of the TD fit algorithm for the 3-pulse topology  2/9/98  P.Kapinos   
K-025  Summary of the 2002 dataset and Pass0 processing  11/12/02  Bhuyan et al.   
K-026  The consequences of a larger Cabibbo angle on rare decays  9/03/02  L. Littenberg   
K-027  TDmon: TD monitoring program  9/04/02  D.E. Jaffe   
K-028  DeToX: Lecroy HV monitor program  9/04/02  D.E. Jaffe   
K-029  FITPI: Triple-pulse fitting and other modifications  10/31/02  D.E. Jaffe   
K-030  Efficiency of T-counters and T.2 trigger signals  12/9/02  Yershov, Mineev   
K-031  LoI for K+ -> pi+nunubar at J-PARC  12/27/02  Komatsubara, Nakano, Nomura  LoI web site 
K-032  IC TD pulse height calibration  1/17/03  D.E. Jaffe   
K-033  Summary of the 2002 Pass1 processing  6/30/03  Bhuyan et al.   
K-034  2002 pnn1 Data Analysis  12/19/03  Chen et al.   
K-035 Additional 2002 pnn1 Data Analysis    Chen et al.  not yet available 
K-036  FITPI acceptance  1/14/04  D.E. Jaffe   
K-037  More accurate definition of target fiber coordinates  2/17/04  D.I. Patalakha   
K-038 Further 2002 pnn1 Analysis 6/3/2004 S. Chen et al.  
K-039  Note on the history of the Grossman-Nir limit  4/19/04  T.K.Komatsubara   
K-040  Note on the Acceptance Factors for pnn1-2002    T.K.Komatsubara  in preparation 
K-041  Testing of Sector Crossing Daughterboard Modifications to MT2A  7/21/04  Daniel C. Miner;  
K-042  Can E949 measure the K+ lifetime?  8/18/04  Frank   
K-045  Study of the target CCD pulse fitting analysis  2/9/05  J. Frank   
K-046  Experimental Stufy of the Decay K+ -> pi+ gamma gamma  Feb/05  T. Yoshioka  report based on the thesis;
see K-047 
K-047  Addendm to the report on K+ -> pi+ gamma gamma  5/22/05  Komatsubara, Yoshioka  revised on 8/03/05 
  Appendix-C revised       
K-048  A guide to the literature of ChPT and K+ -> pi+ gamma gamma  8/03/05  T.K.Komatsubara   
K-049  Measurement of the K+ -> pi+ nu nubar Branching Ratio  Feb/05  T.Sekiguchi  report based on the thesis 
K-050  Verification of final 2002 pnn1 analysis cuts and PV acc./rej. measuring techniques  Oct/05  D.Vavilov  Slides for pnn2 meeting on 13-Sep-2005  
K-051  TD acceptance and rejection for pnn2 analysis; Nov/05  A.Artamonov   
K-052  Branching ratio for pi0->nunubar in the case of massive neutrinos 12/02/05  T.K.Komatsubara   
K-053  TGCUTS: Past and present 7/19/06  I.A.Christidi   
K-054  Experimental Search for the Decay pi0 -> nu nubar  Feb/05  K.Mizouchi  report based on the thesis 
K-055  P, E, R resolution in E949 pnn2 analysis 17/03/06 Wang Zhe  
K-056  Thoughts on pnn2 inside- and outside-the-box studies 9May06 D.E.Jaffe  
K-057  Estimate of number of photoelectrons in the active degrader May06 D.E.Jaffe  
K-058  UMC sample list of E949 pnn2 analysis 17/03/06 Wang Zhe  
K-059  LoI for Exotic Hadrons and K+ -> pi+nunubar at J-PARC  28/04/06 Nakano et al.  using the E949 detector 
K-060 Addition to Bad Runs List. 15Nov06 Benji Lewis  
K-061 PNN2 1/3 Beam Background 15Nov06 Benji Lewis  
K-062 A Correction to a setup_pass1.F Coding Mistake 15Nov06 Benji Lewis Comments within Pass2 Code
K-063 A new Target Reconstruction and Target Scatter Algorithm 17Nov06 Benji Lewis see Appendix
K-064 Target Reconstruction Appendix. A guide to TG coding. 17Nov06 Benji Lewis  
K-065 The Active Degrader 20Nov06 Ilektra Christidi  
K-066 Muon Background Estimation for PNN2 box region 4Dec06 Dmitri Patalakha  
K-067 The Downstream Photon Veto 1Feb07 Ilektra Christidi  
K-068 Changes in the TGCUTS with the new processing 11May07 Ilektra Christidi  
K-069 1/3 Summary table 24May07 Ilektra Christidi  
K-070 The Kp2 scatter 1/3 background 21Jun07 Ilektra Christidi TN68,69,70 latex source tarball
K-071 Likelihood analysis 22Jun07 Ilektra Christidi TN71 latex source tarball
K-072 Kp2 branching ratio 28 September 07 Dmitri I. Patalakha  
K-073 Analysis of the 1/3 E949 pnn2 data 22Nov07 J.Ives et al. K-073.v0
K-074 Analysis of the 2/3 E949 pnn2 data 24 April 2008 J.Ives et al. K-074.v0
K-075 Limits on K+ → π+ a0 1 October 2008 L. Littenberg  
K-076 Monte Carlo acceptance for pnn2 20 Oct 2008 D.E.Jaffe, Z.Wang  
K-077 Partial Branching Ratio 23 Oct 2008 Zhe Wang  
K-078 Scalar, tensor and K to pi X 04 Dec 2008 Zhe Wang  

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