Shift duties for E949 experiment.

Many things should be done at least once per shift - so they should be done once every 4 hours, since we now have full shift coverage.
  1. Pedestals at least 1/shift: Please put Fera, FB and CCD ped outputs in binders
  2. Gas Log (fill out at least 1/shift)
  3. Tour of detector and electronics at least 1/shift
  4. Run QOD all the time, print out and study at least 2/shift
  5. Respond to Monitor Tape Backup xmessages
  6. Do not ignore DeToX warnings (unless you are sure of the cause).
  7. Put tape labels for full data tapes on tape
  8. Fill out shift summary at end of each shift (available from the toolchest)
  9. When beam on print out "printout status" at least 1/shift (available from the toolchest)
  10. Check white board for run requests and regular calibration runs
  11. Currently running:
  12. Do not ignore DeToX warnings

Steve Kettell
Last modified: Fri Mar 8 14:00:33 EST 2002