This help file contains information about the format of all YBOS banks created for E-787, online and offline. For information about specific banks, see BANKS. For information on when this file was last updated, see VERSION. For information of a general nature concerning this file, see INTRODUCTION. Update the file 787Doc:Data_Format.Hlp whenever banks are added or changed.


This file was originally 787DOC:FORMAT.TEX, by W. C. Louis, Princeton University and was dated 8 January 1987. TDC banks were added by J. Haggerty, BNL, 27 February 1987. Corrections and modifications to the TDC banks were added by R. Poutissou, 6 March 1987. This file was created on 31 August 1987. This file is in 787Doc:Data_Format.Hlp, and should be updated whenever banks are added or changed.


31-Aug-1987 JSH Created 2-Oct-1987 JSH Added *RA banks 11-Dec-1987 JSH Added *PA banks, updated DG* and TRIG banks 29-Jan-1987 LSL Fixed target banks 2-Aug-1989 JSH Added TDDT and TDPT banks 1-Dec-1989 JSH Finally added the L2TR bank 26-Mar-1991 SD Added IW* and IA* banks


This file specifies the format of the data in YBOS banks for E-787. The symbol "-" indicates a data word (32 bits, unless otherwise specified). The symbol <n:m> with n,m integers specifies a bit map of a data word, where 0 is the least significant bit.


All YBOS banks which have been defined are listed below. For information on the format of data words within a bank, type the bank name.

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