Sambamurti Memorial Lectureship

Nominations are sought for the 2016 Sambamurti Memorial Lecture at Brookhaven National Laboratory. This is a prize lectureship established in memory of Aditya Sambamurti , a young high energy experimentalist working on rare kaon decays at the BNL AGS, who died in 1992. It is to be awarded yearly to a young (under 40) high energy or heavy ion experimentalist of outstanding achievement. The lecture, which should describe the work for which the lecturer is being honored, is to be delivered to students working at BNL during the summer. The 2014 prize is $500. Please send nominations to Laurence Littenberg, Physics 510A, BNL, Upton, NY 11973, or

Obituary of Aditya Sambamurti

Aditya Sambamurti

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Instructions for nominations.


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